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Founded in 2001, AIC began its operations by offering conventional insurance, including automobile, commercial and homeowners, while retaining a clear vision for transforming the insurance industry in Haiti to one that was more inclusive and accessible. This vision led to AIC’s current growth trajectory, culminating in the innovative, transparent and dynamic company that AIC is today, combining both traditional product lines and product lines that target all Haitians, to include the country’s most vulnerable populations and make financial inclusion a priority.

Founded by a family with a long and dedicated practice in the insurance industry, AIC is among the best-capitalized multi-line insurance companies in Haiti, providing reliable insurance protection for individuals and businesses in all regions of the country. The company provides coverage for auto, homes, businesses and life with policies specifically tailored for the unique needs of the Haitian market.

In 2011, AIC developed partnerships with some of the strongest Haitian and international investors as shareholders and capital providers, each of whom continue to work closely with AIC to strengthen and expand the insurance sector in each province of the country.




More than a daughter company, PISA (Produits des Iles SA) is a wholly-owned company born of the realization that REBO's activities in the ago industry could and should go further than the coffee and peanut butter.

  • In a country with a rapid population increase that is demanding of the quality of the products it consumes, but is still attached to its culture
  • With a large diaspora that is nostalgic products of its past
  • With a global market increasingly open to Haitian products
  • Given the almost total lack of organization and industrialization of local agricultural products.
  • Given import products pricing that is becoming increasingly difficult for an population to afford.

Standing as a pioneer in the agro-industry field, proves to be an interesting and promising bet.

And in the same spirit that gave birth to TiPilon and REBO Expresso created in 2012: PISA able to focus on research and development, the chain of treatment, processing and sale of local products in the local market and internationally.

PISA is the youngest of our societies, but also the most promising in terms of:

  • Its ability to create value added
  • A work on the country's food security
  • And to promote development through export of surplus agro-industrial and / or fresh products.

The Haitian agriculture law reborn from its ashes.




Since its beginnings in 1973, Caribbean Bottling Company (CBC) S.A., formerly registered as Sada & Debrosse S.A., has been synonymous to quality in the Haitian market. The company, which was then a family-owned business, was the first in Haiti to filter and distribute treated water to its customers as the local representatives of the Culligan brand.

In addition to representing Culligan International, the world’s leading water treatment brand; CBC has entered into a partnership with SM Jaleel & Co. Ltd, the second largest distributor of soft drinks and fruit beverages in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Bottling Company is a privately owned Haitian company that has the objective of providing exceptional services and products in the beverage industry, all while upholding Christian values and making a positive impact in society.

In order to be more competitive and to have a better control of production, in 2006 the company invested in a plastic plant and is now producing PET preforms (20 oz, 32 oz and 5 Gallons), HDPE Caps, and blowing all its bottles. The company also recycles PET bottles and HDPE caps which is used in its production.

In 2009 the company launched a line of locally produced fruit drinks, Caribbean Cool that has had a huge success in the Haitian market. Today, the company is in the dynamic stage of expanding its current production capacity and range of products to include new brands of juices and soft drinks, to better satisfy customers’ demand.

CBC owns a fleet of over twenty trucks, which distribute water, juice and ice to over 1,500 customers in the metropolitan area and to seven major cities outside of Port-au- Prince. An external fleet of independent contractors reinforces the company’s distribution capacity. Located in Santo 17 (a suburb of Port-au-Prince) on 12 acres of land, with close to 40,000 sq/ft of warehouse space, the company is well positioned for future diversification and growth opportunities.

CBC is part of a group of sister companies and benefits from a well-diversified board of directors having experience in different fields (insurance, telecommunications, import and distribution of commodities, and wholesale of food products).



The Caribbean Development and Investment Society (SCDI, SA: Société Caribéenne de Développement et d’Investissements) is an entity that’s part of the REBO, S.A. Group.  Its mission is the acquisition and management of the diversification investments of the group.  The assets held by SCDI are real estate and local private equity investments. 

The real estate strategy mainly consists of investments in assets allowing the expansion of the group’s operations.  It is first a long-term strategy with a focus on the industrial zones and cities with strong potential for development.  At the same time, SCDI’s objective is to be nimble in order to quickly adapt to changes and opportunities happening on the market, giving way to the possibility of property asset disposal, or sales to occur.

The local private equity investment is oriented towards agro-industry targeting a vertical integration for REBO, S.A.  In 2008, SCDI made an acquisition of holdings in the capital of a company that specializes in the production of juice and bottled water, the Caribbean Bottling Company, S.A. (Culligan Haiti.) This partnership gives REBO access to a new buyer for its products, and facilitates the product distribution of that company.  Such a situation highlights REBO’s existing distribution network.



In late 1998, a group of young entrepreneurs realizing a lack of service in the fire and theft protection in Haiti founded Internegoce S.A. Since then, the company has proudly pushed for excellence through its choice of partners, its commitment to exclusive representation, and its decision to remain a stoking distributor for most of the companies represented.

Throughout the years, we have been growing steadily, going from one representation -Amerex Fire International- to over 7 leaders in the industry like: Fire King, HON, Tayco, Gunnebo, Garrett, Maglite. Currently, we are committed to provide: security equipments, office furniture, office supplies, and maintenance supplies at the best value to commercial and residential customers. At Internegoce S.A, we want to bring the technologies and products from worldwide industry leaders and transform them into value and results for our entire customer base, using our professional sales team and high quality customer service department.

Nowadays, we are a company with more than 50 employees, but each one dedicated to the company’s overall goals, which are:

  • Exceed expectations.
  • Maintain customer satisfaction.
  • Provide efficient and high quality services.
  • Enjoy what we do best!
  • Be known as THE reference both for employees and customers.

To achieve our goals, we also have set up a dedicated sales force that prospects directly to find end users such as: office, corporate, government and industrial that the company sells to Moreover, we market our products both on retail and wholesale levels. Every day, we work very hard to make our customer’s life easier and enjoyable.

We are grateful to our customers for their trust and loyalty over the years, and remind them our commitment into the quality we deliver, and invite all those who are not yet member of the Internegoce’s family, to visit us at our Head Office located by Rte de l’Aéroport, # 3, rue Jean Gilles, Showroom airport or at our showroom conveniently located at Pétion-Ville, #25 rue Metellus.



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