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The Dufort family has been in the coffee industry for more than a century. They were known for their exports of green coffee towards Europe. In 1970, the company Jacques A. Dufort & Co purchased one of the first coffee roasting plants in Haiti from the Reimbold family and created the REBO brand.

Over the years, the family firm developed, enlarging its field of activities and shareholding to become, since 1998, REBO S.A, an agro-industrial corporation which also produces peanut butter, preserves and fruit jams. After 2000, the company also got into import and distribution of various commodities. Presently, distribution on the Haitian market of local and foreign goods is REBO's main revenue source, however, its activities are still centered around Haitian coffee; quality and customer satisfaction are still its points of reference.

REBO Coffee Business Model

REBO sources out its beans from growers and grower associations in high altitude regions located mostly in the south of Haiti, especially around Thiotte, Jérémie and Beaumont. but also in the Northern cities Baptiste, Mont-organisé, and Carisse.

Since 2006, REBO has pioneered strategic alliances with growers groups around the country through formal but non-exclusive agreements that guaranty REBO a standard level of quality while giving preferential prices and guaranteed purchase. The results come in the form of clear increases in quality and volumes of coffee purchased.

REBO blends are subject to regular tests in order to guaranty a constant quality. With its Gourmet, Deluxe, Classic and Ti Pilon blends, REBO constantly innovates to satisfy a public with varied tastes.

Rebo by the Cup

In 2010, when REBO decided to go into the world of «coffee by the cup», the objective was to do it well and using a double edged strategy.

In May 2010, the first "Rebo Expresso" boutique opened its doors in the American Airlines departure area of the Toussaint-Louverture Airport. Then, in February 2011, the second shop launched in Pétionville. and the third in 2012 in the Industrial zone. This steady growth foretells the ambition of creating a national chain of true «Haitian coffee shops» aiming at offering a professional, modern and truly Haitian experience, mixing the modern and traditional.

On the other end, TiPilon is defined as business with a sense of social responsibility and national pride.

When close to 80% of coffee consumption in Haiti is done through informal pipelines, it made sense for REBO, to enter that market. In 2009 we developed the TiPilon micro-franchise system with the financial support of USAID through the KATA project. Many Haitians in urban areas do not brew their morning coffee for various reasons; instead they are clients of an unregulated yet surprisingly big street coffee business. Three years later TiPilon is doing very well, so well that a second center has now opened its doors and giving to numerous micro-franchisees, otherwise unemployed, the opportunity to make 2.5 to 4 times the national minimum daily wage, working only 6 hours and being fiscally responsible while selling clean, standard products prepared and served in ways that appeal and respects the demands of anyone around the world.

The Rebo Foundation

For over 40 years, REBO has regularly contributed to the life of communities in Haiti. The company had CSR campaigns that supported education and children healthcare with «Fond de Parrainage National» and «Our little brothers and sisters» (NPFS).

In 2008, the REBO Foundation was created to better manage REBO's social involvement and CSR strategies and focus on supporting rural development through reforestation, education, infrastructure building and support to community organizations. Its contributes to TI PILON as a way to create jobs and training micro-entrepreneurs. It also has a post crisis program that is active after floods, and hurricanes with food kits; but also acted after the 2010 by helping REBO employees who had suffered losses.

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