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Rural Projects

For more than 7 years, REBO and its sister company PISA have been participating in development projects in rural areas (agricultural) of our country:

- Nursery Project of 37,000 seedlings of coffee for the Belle-Anse in partnership with UPAB

- Project of nurseries totaling 1, 000,000 seedlings of coffee for the Belle-Fontaine in partnership with Geo Wiener and USAID WINNER project

- In collaboration with Foundation REBO, UPAB and a European Union a study was made on the state of the coffee production in the south-east of the country with tracks on how to improve production systems. This study included an exploratory trip to Brazil for 5 people to learn about:

- Donations of equipment and participation in the establishment of the office of the Farmers Union of Belle-Anse.

In the near future PISA and REBO plan to launch in three regions of the country, a project for demonstration and study which focuses on the production of coffee and other products (Creole garden, poly culture) that will ensure maximum returns for the producers throughout the year. This promising long-term project has the ultimate goal of relaunch the coffee production for good.

REBO in its pursuit of promoting agriculture in Haiti never fails to attend meetings, conferences and discussions regarding the development of agriculture in the country. REBO is also an active founding member of the National Coffee Institute of Haiti (INCAH), various chambers of commerce and teams of reflection. REBO always brings its support to events such as agricultural expo of May 1st and Gouts et Saveurs festival in Haiti.

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