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Ti Pilon

Investing in Haiti means investing in its people.

When close to 80% of coffee consumption in Haiti is done through informal pipelines, it made sense for REBO, the number one formal Haitian coffee business, to try to understand why. Our journey began in early 2000 with our Lipibon line of coffees exploring and nailing the "Haitian's taste for coffee".

In 2009 we realized that most Haitians in urban areas did not brew their morning coffee for various reasons, instead they were clients of an unregulated yet surprisingly big street coffee business. That circle, although a glorious witness to our countrymen's resilience and sense of business, did not offer what we considered to be minimal hygienic standards, product integrity or even environmental considerations. This is why we developed the TiPilon micro-franchise system. 3 years later, having gone through the hardship of the earthquake period while still in its infancy, TiPilon is doing very well and gives to numerous micro-franchisees, otherwise unemployed, the opportunity to make 2.5 to 4 times the national minimum daily wage, working only 6 hours selling clean, standard products prepared and served in ways that appeal and respects the demands of anyone around the world.

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